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Dual Credit is a course where you receive a college and high school credit at the same time - this course is taught by college faculty and supported by a high school teacher.

Dual credits are offered through our participation on the Central Lakes Regional Planning Team.  Students who pass (and meet the college requirements) are given an optional credit at secondary school and are issued a college transcript.The course will be recognized at college if they choose to attend a program for which the course is a requirement. The course also counts towards their secondary school diploma.

Dual credits give students the opportunity to sample post-secondary education, work in college labs,experience a new environment and build their confidence. There is a transfer process for dual credits to be recognized at Ontario Colleges.  Please  Click here for the Dual Credit Transfer Form.


This opportunity is available for senior students only(preference is given to Grade 12 students). A dual credit might be right for you if you are disengaged, under credited and capable of work at the college level. In some instances, dual credits are available to students who are completing a Specialist High Skills Major program.


Please visit your guidance office for more information. If you are no longer registered for high school, we encourage you to visit the Catholic high school in your area.

If you will be registering for a spring dual credit, please have a look at the Spring Dual Credit Orientation Screencast.

Fall Dual Credits

Dual Credit Transfer