"I soon learned that Reading Recovery was actually a lot of fun...by the end of Grade One I was
reading at the same level as all the rest of the kids in my  
class, and had finally learned that reading to myself could actually be a lot of fun."

(Brennan Cruse, Student)


Reading Recovery

Ensuring that children know how to read and write is critically important for learning and that is why we place such a focus on strong literacy skills for students at our Board. We know that providing students with a strong literacy foundation when they are young will help them achieve better moving forward. We also know that strong literacy skills don't always come easily for every child and that is why we have embraced the Reading Recovery® program at our Board.

What is Reading Recovery®?

Reading Recovery® is a research-based, short-term early intervention program involving one-on-one teaching for Grade One students who need extra help with reading and writing.

Students receive 30-minute lessons each school day for 12 to 20 weeks from a specially trained teacher. As soon as students can read and write at grade level and demonstrate they are working well along side their peers, the Reading Recovery® series of lessons is completed. A plan is put in place for those few students who require additional support.

Why is Early Intervention so Important?

A key premise of Reading Recovery® is that early intervention in Grade One is critical. Research shows that children who fall behind in Grade One tend to remain below grade level in later school years. Early intervention is important because the gap between the lowest and highest performing children is narrow in lower grades but widens as the years progress. According to the Reading Recovery Council of North America,“In just 12 to 20 weeks, 75% of students who have the full series of Reading Recovery® lessons reach grade-level expectations.”

Our Board's Program

We have been providing the Reading Recovery® program to Grade One students in our Board for more than a decade. The program has been very successful and over the years it has expanded and is currently offered in all 42 of our elementary schools. The Board has two Reading Recovery® training centres (Orillia and Barrie), where Reading Recovery® teacher leaders provide training and ongoing professional development for teachers. These specially trained teachers use their newly learned skills and techniques to effectively introduce children to the world of reading. 

For the 2006 - 2007 school year 22.3% of our Board’s Grade One population was provided with the Reading Recovery® program and approximately 75% of those children were achieving at grade-level.

Reading Rocks!

It was several years ago when Brennan Cruse became involved in the Reading Recovery® program at Pope John Paul II school in Barrie. Despite his love of books and his mother's (also an elementary teacher) persistence,Brennan fell behind in Grade One reading. Brennan is now an articulate and literate student, who actively speaks about the benefits of Reading Recovery®. Take a look at Brennan's Story (pdf format) - there is no better testament than that of a child who now believes that reading rocks!

More Information

If you would like more information about the Reading Recovery® program, please visit the Reading Recovery Council of North America's website. If you think the Reading Recovery® program may be beneficial to your Grade One child, please speak to your child's teacher.