Fearful Frights for Fun Delights

Fearful Frights for Fun Delights
Posted on 11/01/2016
PET PicWritten by Emily Thouless, Student Journalist

Students at St Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in Barrie were treated to a terrifying treat this Halloween, with the annual Haunted House making a frightful first impression in our school community. The Asylum, created for this year’s Haunted House, was made with a unique idea inspired by the hit series American Horror Story and included insane inmates only a short lineup away, or in a lot of cases, one food can away from a fast pass into the attraction. The attraction was not only made of terrors, but also delight - a delight in the form of support for the latest food drive by our school to fill the principal’s office with so many food items that he literally gets “canned” and has to work in the front foyer.

AsylumHowever, the Asylum would never have made it into the moonlight if it hadn’t been for the fantastic team led by our very own Panther’s Union member, Grade 10 student, Alessia. Although it may seem small, the team that built and took part in the Asylum was made up of an astounding thirty seven people, most of which were scarers in the Asylum itself.

Alessia said, “It wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was stressful and it was really hard to get people to help out because scaring in a haunted house was outside of a lot of people’s comfort zones.” Nevertheless, Alessia and her team pulled it off, with just one social media post asking for help. “A lot of my friends joined in one night,” Alessia continued. “A friend told a friend that told a friend... it was like a whole chain!”

Together their efforts weren’t in vain. On top of being fun for the whole school, they also gained a decent amount of food items for "Can the Principal" and Alessia and the rest of her teammates learned what true teamwork was all about. “A lot of people who wouldn’t have come together normally, became friends in this experience,” said Grade 10 student Sydney. Alessia had even more to say about her team, “The Haunted House couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for everyone’s help. I had a lot of fun and I had the best team I could’ve asked for.” And these team values go towards what Halloween and our faith is truly all about, coming together to make something really remarkable out of an idea. Whether it be making a Haunted House, or teaching others how life should be lived, even if both may be considered a little scary.