Director of Education Honoured in Kenya

Director of Education Honoured in Kenya
Posted on 07/22/2019

Over the years, Director of Education Brian Beal has been an advocate for experiential learning at the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. Thousands of students and staff have experienced once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to travel to countries like Kenya, India, Ecuador and Tanzania to make positive impacts on the communities they visit. 


Earlier this month, Mr. Beal made his sixth journey to Kenya, this time with the organization WE and 17 other directors and leaders in education. This trip was particularly special, as Brian was able to spend his third summer in one of his favourite communities - Pimbiniet. The breathtaking views and the incredible people make it an easy place to love, and they certainly love him right back. 


To wrap up yet another memorable trip, the wonderful community organized a celebration with 700 children, staff, and parents that involved singing, dancing and speeches. To show their gratitude for Mr. Beal, the Pimbinet community honoured him with a goat and a planted tree. Maasai elders even sang, danced, prayed and spat blessed cow’s milk on his shoes. 


The evening was complete with the director participating in Maasai dance and rituals and was given the Maasai name “Tubula,” meaning a kind and caring man of the world. As someone who continues to advocate for experiential learning, global citizenship, and positive change in this world, we think Mr. Beal’s Maasai name is perfectly fitting!

brian honoured with goat