Experiential Learning Mission Trip To Ecuador

Experiential Learning Mission Trip To Ecuador
Posted on 02/19/2020
Holding the world (globe) in handsWritten by Arianna Rojas, Student Journalist

“In giving there’s receiving. When you give up yourself, you receive so much more” -Jerome MacGregor

To help broaden students' perspectives through experiential learning, a mission trip for 2021 is currently in the making. On Feb. 12, Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury hosted an information session to showcase the upcoming mission trip to Ecuador in April of 2021.

Alongside EF Educational Tours, Holy Trinity coordinated a 10 day trip to Ecuador and the Amazon. Students will improve their social and leadership skills. They will be exposed to a new culture, and develop a global perspective. They will be given a community project, such as constructing a clinic or the foundation for a school. The head organizer, Mr. McLaughlin explained to the parents that there are no bulldozers or trucks, but that students will use the resources given to them and will accomplish everything by hand alongside the locals. Many students are expected to be forced out of their comfort zone and push their boundaries during the course of this trip.

Leading up to the departure, students will spend half of their school day with each other to build a sense of community. Everyone will take two courses together; a religion and a social justice course. Aside from spending two periods together, the students will host fundraisers to raise money for the upcoming trip. Additionally, the team will go on a retreat to build their cooperation and team skills as well as their relationships with one another. The dedication for this trip is evident months prior to the departure date. As Holy Trinity’s principal Mr. Bebie explains “Every single moment is busy.” The staff and students of Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury are looking forward to the experiential mission trip of April 2021!