Grace C. and Angie Green-Hill

Grace C. and Angie Green-Hill
Posted on 07/22/2020
Every week we celebrate individuals in the SMCDSB community who have been recognized for going above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we are celebrating Grace C. and Angie Green-Hill.

grace C.
Grace C. is a student at  St. Theresa's Catholic High School in Midland. She was nominated by a family member who shared with us that Grace has been a volunteer at a local retirement lodge to assist with the screening process to keep the residents and staff safe. 
Angie Green-Hill is a the parent council president at Monsignor Lee Catholic School in Orillia. She was nominated by a staff member who said:

"I would like to nominate Angie Green-Hill who is our Parent Council president. She not only works tirelessly for our school community through various unique fundraisers but for the Orillia angie green hillcommunity. Angie works at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Orillia and given the times, she is now working the front lines at the Salvation Army Food Bank posting everyday what food items are most needed. Angie is in the process of organizing the 4th Annual Mental Health Online Auction which she was willing to postpone due to the financial strains many are feeling but businesses reached out lending her their support through donations and insisted she continue the auction which she founded. To date, Angie has raised over $40 000 with all funds going back to various programs at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Angie, not wanting any child to miss out on their birthday because of this virus, also organized birthday drive by's in our community. Angie is a person who is willing to work hard to ensure that our school community has everything it needs while ensuring our Orillia community feels her love and support. I feel that Angie is a deserving candidate to be recognized by our board."

We would like to thank Grace and Angie for their incredible effort in helping others during this time.