Benefits of Summer School

Benefits of Summer School
Posted on 03/11/2020
summer schoolWritten by Alyssa Duarte, Student Journalist at St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School in Barrie

Summer school - what is your opinion about summer school? Some students have a negative opinion about summer school and I’d like to dispel any misconceptions. Summer school is actually a great opportunity for students to learn, flourish and succeed.

Life as a student can get hectic. However, summer school enables students to further their education while still carrying on with their school year routines and obligations. Summer school is incredibly convenient.

Some students might have the misconception that summer school requires too much studying and provides limited opportunities for academic growth, but it is actually the opposite. Since classes are condensed into shorter timeframes, students are placed in environments where a higher standard of academic learning is expected. As a result, students often get extra support, earn better grades and complete classwork more effectively. Studying in the summer is often more sustainable, interactive and productive.

When enrolled in a summer school course, students are also able to meet other individuals from schools within the same district, building friendships they otherwise wouldn’t have outside of summer school.

Summer school builds a student’s self-worth as they are given opportunities to set goals and achieve them. When completing a summer school course, students often feel a great sense of accomplishment. This builds the foundation to reach one’s true academic potential and to gain the confidence needed to pursue more dreams.

Ultimately, summer school is a great opportunity for any student. By providing students with well-rounded educational experiences, it is an option which enables students to earn high school credits, build new friendships and discover untapped potential and opportunities.