Lily-Lynn, Jewels and Tanner P.

LIly-Lynn, Jewels and Tanner P.
Posted on 05/21/2020
Every week we celebrate individuals in the SMCDSB community who have been recognized for going above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we are celebrating Lily-Lynn, Jewels and Tanner P.

Lily-Lynn and Jewels are students at Sacred Heart Catholic School in 
lily and jewels
Midland. The sisters were nominated by a staff member who said:

Lily-Lynn and Jewels have been actively gathering Stuffies-4-Hugz for the past few months.  The two sisters and their mom started collecting stuffies to give to anyone who needed a care package.  They hadn't started long before Covid-19, so now they have switched to sending their stuffies-packages to essential workers or anyone who may have missed out on a celebration.  They collect donations and either drop off or mail the packages to people.  Sacred Heart is very proud of these two girls.”

Tanner P. is a student  at St. Paul's Catholic School in Alliston. He was nominated by a staff member who said:

tannerTanner has shown great faith and enthusiasm within our virtual classroom. Tanner responds positively to his peers. He recently cleaned up his community with his family.  It has been wonderful to watch Tanner make the best of our current situation.  I feel very proud of his efforts.”

We would like to thank Lily-Lynn, Jewels and Tanner for their incredible effort in helping others during this time.

If you would like to recognize the efforts of someone in the SMCDSB community, please take a moment to fill out our Celebrating SMCDSB Form.