Let's Talk About Anti-Black Racism

Let's Talk About Anti-Black Racism
Posted on 12/06/2021

Parents and guardians of students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 are invited to join a one-hour interactive parent engagement session with Kirk Mark on the topic entitled, “Let’s Talk About Anti-Black Racism”on Thursday December 9th from 7-8 p.m.

We are excited to welcome Kirk Mark back to continue our conversation about Anti-Black Racism. This session will build on last year’s parent engagement event that was held in May about Anti-Black Racism (including Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC)). It will take into consideration racism, as experienced by the African-Canadian Diaspora, from historical, individual and institutional perspectives and the impact on racialized bodies within the Canadian mosaic. 

Parents will also be involved in co-creating strategies to address the subject with their children during this facilitated program and have the opportunity to submit questions as part of the registration process. 

More information on the session is available in the attached flyerParents/Guardians are invited to register for the session by completing the online registration form.