We are a dynamic, growing Catholic school board offering boundless opportunities for personal growth. Through our commitment to curriculum, which is rooted in the Gospel, our students are on their way to becoming lifelong learners. Through respect, dignity and understanding of each individual's learning process, we inspire our students to evolve into secure, confident and successful young adults.

We have talented staff in our schools (teachers, educational assistants, school leaders and other support staff) who work directly with our students. This staff provides direct service to more than 22,000 students in 50 schools to help them learn and grow within our Catholic faith.

Our support staff in the schools and at the Board provide an invaluable service to schools. The goal of all of our staff is to enhance student learning, however, staff members 
contribute to growth and learning in a more indirect way by providing support services to schools. They strive to offer exceptional programs and services that will benefit each of our schools and students.