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Need help navigating Home2School Connect? Check out the sections below for more information.

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Navigation Menus

There are two navigation aids on Home2School Connect:

Student Menu

student navigation This is the blue bar located at the top of the page which displays the names of each student associated with your account. Click on the student you wish to navigate to more information about.

Navigation Menu

side navigation barThis area displays the different features available to you in Home2School Connect. It contains helpful links to other Board sites you might require, such as our Board website and the School Day website.

As more features are added to Home2School Connect, more options will be listed in the Navigation menu.

The necessary student information, such as Student Number, OEN, and Grade, are displayed on each feature page.

Safe Arrival/Submitting an Absence

Home2School Connect provides parents and guardians with the ability to submit an absence notification to the student's school electronically. 

For elementary schools, this is called "Safe Arrival," and for secondary schools, the term is  "Submit Absence." Regardless of the term, both forms are identical.

To Submit an Absence:

  1. Select the student's name from the Student Menu Bar

  2. Click on Safe Arrival / Submit Absence 

  3. Insert: 

  • The "From" Date 

  • The "To" Date  

Please note: The calendar defaults to the day of submission. For an absence submission for more than one day, click on the "To" field and manually select the end date of the absence. 

  1. Click on the "Reason:" and select from the drop-down options. If none of the options apply, select "Other" and enter more information in the text box provided.

  2. Click the Submit button in the lower right corner of the form to save your entry.

Absence notices for "the day of" must be submitted before 9:30 AM for elementary schools and before 2:00 PM for the secondary schools. 

An absence spanning more than five (5) school days cannot be submitted via Home2School Connect. If a planned absence spans more than five (5) consecutive school days, please contact the student's school to report.

Recent Attendance

The Recent Attendance section displays the student's attendance information by class for the most current two-week period, along with summary totals for the current term. 



Home2School Connect provides access to the class schedule for each student.

There are two different views for the class schedule:

  1. Week View:  The week view presents the schedule organized vertically.

  1. Matrix View: The Matrix View is organized horizontally into rows with the Period # at the top and a day letter value to label the row.  


The Attendance page provides details for the student's attendance as recorded by the school. The attendance information is displayed in a grid, with each week showing the individual days of the week.

For Elementary Schools:

  • The "Course" column includes a row for "Home Room" and rows for each study area.

  • The grid is long and displays information for the entire school year.

  • The "Expression" column is not relevant to elementary schools in SMCDSB.

For Secondary Schools: 

  • The "Course" column lists information for each course in the schedule

  • The grid displays information for the current term.

  • The "Expression" column contains the schedule Period number and the  "Day" letter. 


Expressions contain a "Period" number and a "Day" letter value.

The schedule is arranged into time allotments. Each allotment is called a "Period." For a flexible learning environment for each Secondary school student, the Periods are re-arranged into as many as four unique patterns. Each pattern is referred to as a "Day," and each "Day" is identified with a single letter, starting with "A" progressing to "D." If two "Days" are used in a school, then each course will have two expressions indicating in what "Period" on what "Day" the course is delivered.

Grade History

The Grade history shows the student's past grades since their studies started with SMCDSB. This information is grouped by the school year (grade) and by term. 

For Elementary Students:

For Secondary Students:

Example of an Elementary level report card in Home2School Connect:

Example of a Secondary level report card in Home2School Connect:

School Information

This section displays essential information regarding the school the student is registered in.

Account Preference (Profile Tab)

Home2School Connect provides you with some account administration capabilities from within the Account Preferences page. This page is divided into two distinct tabs, "Profile" and "Students."

Profile Tab

 On the "Profile" tab of the Account Preferences page, you can easily change the email address as well as their username and password associated with their account. There is also a control for "Language"; however, English is the only choice currently available. 

To Change Your Email Address:

  1. Click in the box displaying the current Account Email value

  2. Select and delete the existing content

  3. Enter the new email address

  4. Click Save 

To Change Your Username:

  1. Click on the current username value or the edit icon next to the current username value.

  2. Select and delete the existing content

  3. Enter the new value for the username

  4. Click Save

To Change Your Password:

  1. Click on the ***** displayed as the current password or the edit icon next to the ***** value
    (the page will expand revealing typical password change fields)

  2. Enter the current password in the Current Password box

  3. In the New Password box, enter a new password (use the password rules as a guide)

  4. Re-enter the new password in the Confirm Password box

  5. Click Save 

Tip: The "Cancel" and "Save" buttons at the bottom right of the Profile tab become active when a change is made to the current content of an editable field. The Password change option fields become active when a value is entered in the "Current Password" box. Clicking on the "Cancel" button at any time will reset the page to previous information, and all new changes are discarded.

Account Preference (Student Tab)

Home2School Connect provides you with some account administration capabilities from within the Account Preferences page. This page is divided into two distinct tabs, "Profile" and "Students."

Students Tab
Under the
"Students" tab, is a list of the students associated with the account. There is also an "Add" button, which allows adding other students, one by one, to the account. 

To Add Another Student to the Account:

  1. Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the form to pop up the Add Student form. All fields on this form are required.

  1. Click in the "Student Name" field and enter a name. 

Tip: Entered name cannot be changed without removing and re-adding the student to the account.  Removing a student requires contacting an administrator at your child's school.

  1. Enter the Access ID for this student (in the letter provided by your child's school). 

  2. Enter the Access Password for this student  (in the letter provided by your child's school).

  3. Click the drop-down list control for the Relationship and select the Relationship you have with the student. For example: If the student is your daughter, please select "child" from the available options

  4. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the list to add the student to this account. 

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