Education Development Charge Review

Education Development Charges (EDCs) are a revenue source, for school boards that qualify, to purchase and develop land for new schools or expansion of existing schools.  EDCs are meant as a funding mechanism for boards that are experiencing a growth-related accommodation need in their jurisdiction. In order to renew the EDC by-laws, each board must follow certain processes and guidelines as required by provincial legislation, including the review of policies and the development of a Background Study.  The Background Study fulfills certain requirements while providing background necessary to understand the school site needs and determine the education development charge.

The passage of an EDC by-law gives school boards the authority to impose and collect EDCs for the purpose of acquiring and developing school sites.  Each by-law has a maximum term of 5 years.

The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School has an EDC by-law in place which relates only to the County of Simcoe portion of our jurisdiction. 

2023 Education Development Charges By-Law