Healthy Eating in Our Schools

School Food and Beverage Policy
Ontario Nutrition Standards for Schools

Healthy Eating in Our Schools

The Ontario government has introduced its School Food and Beverage Policy which includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.

The policy will apply to food and beverages sold:
  • In all venues on school property such as cafeterias, vending machines and tuck shops;
  • through all programs, included catered lunch programs; and
  • at all events on school property, including bake sales and sport events, for school purposes.
The nutrition standards do not apply to food and beverages that are brought from home.

The policy was announced in January 2010 and school boards must be in full compliance with the policy by September 1, 2011. Our board has begun its work on this provincial initiative. A team participated in training during the 2009-2010 school year and the policy was introduced to school principals and other groups in May 2010.

We are currently working on connecting the new policy to our curriculum to make sure the important messages about healthy living are part of the school experience for all our students.

We are working very closely with nutritionists from Simcoe County Public Health to help us roll out this policy in our schools. The Food and Beverage committee is working with contracted cafeteria and external food service providers to assist with this transition in our schools.

Information about this new initiative will continue to be shared with principals and school communities through this website and school websites.