Bradford Students Participate in Mock Train Crash

Bradford Students Participate in Mock Train Crash
Posted on 04/27/2017

What better way to educate our teens about distracted driving than to have them participate in a mock crash in their very own community. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, April 25. Students and staff from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford were on scene to witness and play victims in the mock crash that involved a GO Train and a SUV.

crashIn the re-enactment, the driver of the SUV was busy texting and didn’t see the flashing lights to indicate the oncoming train. The vehicle was struck by the train and the three victims inside were all in immediate distress. One was ejected from the vehicle and the other two were seriously injured.

The simulation involved more than 100 people including South Simcoe Police, Bradford firefighters, Simcoe County paramedics and Holy Trinity C.H.S. students who are in the health and wellness specialist high skills major program.

crashThe “crash” was used as a tool to test the collaborative operations of local emergency services, raise awareness of train safety and re-iterate the importance of putting your phone down while driving.

Thank you to all participants who made this mock crash an eye-opening success.