Dual Credit Success Stories: Brendan Rooney

Dual Credit Success Stories: Brendan Rooney
Posted on 04/03/2017

One of the amazing programs that the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board offers to students is the Dual Credit program. Dual Credit is a course where students receive a college and high school credit at the same time and is taught by college faculty and supported by a high school teacher.

Students who take the course are able to explore options for their future after secondary school. We are happy to showcase some of the success stories that are a result of the Dual Credit program.

Brendan Rooney, a student at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School in Bracebridge, enrolled in the construction Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program at his school. He was unsure of his path after high school and his teacher, Marty Scarlett, recommended that he look into the dual credit opportunities.

Brendan checked the course offerings and registered for the electrical installations dual credit. He discovered that “I like it (electrical) and I am good at it”.  The electrical installations dual credit “has made a significant difference in the sense that I now think that I want to become an electrical engineer for my career”.  Brendan was always ahead of others in completing practical electrical projects and actually completed two bonus projects. He also made himself available to help other students who needed guidance or assistance.

Brendan is continuing his love for construction and has registered for the welding and cutting processes dual credit course in the spring.

To learn more about the program visit the dual credit webpage on the board website.