St. Peter’s Semi Formal Brightens up the Night

St. Peter's Semi Formal Brightens up the Night
Posted on 05/08/2017
Semi FormalWritten by Mykenzie Barrera, Student Journalist

On Friday April 28, St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in Barrie lit up the night as their “Semi Formal” dance started. So many Panthers were excited for the night ahead of them!

The theme of the dance was “Black and White Attire” and the setup was lovely - no one would have guessed it was the school cafeteria that was transformed into a great dance space. The small cafeteria was turned into a cool spot to sit down and chill for a bit.

Everyone had a blast with the photo booth, dressing up with costume accessories and posing with friends.

Hamming it up for the photo booth

Students loved the DJ - his music had everyone dancing and laughing from start to finish. It was truly an amazing night. “As my first semi night it was truly a great memory and I can't wait to go next year!” said a new Grade 9 Panther.

Everyone agreed it was a great night, and are already looking forward to the next dance!