William M. and Davin S.

William M. and Davin S.
Posted on 07/08/2020
Every week we celebrate individuals in the SMCDSB community who have been recognized for going above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we are celebrating William M. and Davin S.

William M. is a student at St. Bernard's Catholic School in Orillia. He was nominated by a staff member who said:

"William shared an act of kindness - entitled ‘Mail-a-Hug’ - which is awilliam m beautiful craft that he made at home. After tracing his upper body - with arms out to the side - William cut out the shape and coloured 'himself' with vibrant colours and extensive detail. A poem was attached to the hug - stating that this was a hug to send but a real hug would be given when we are able to reunite again- I shared this idea with my class- and it was welcomed with enthusiasm. William is sending his hug to his grandparents. I thought this was a wonderful way to show we care, when we can't be together.”

Davin S. is a student from St. Nicholas Catholic School in Barrie. He was nominated by a family friend who said:

davin s."Davin often likes to spend the day spending quality time with his Grandma and has come to help us working at the library flowerbeds. The first time I met him, he was immediately so friendly and helpful, and jumped right in doing anything we asked, seeing in advance what we would need next and having it ready for us. He was happy to pitch in mixing soil and peat moss in a wheelbarrow and mixing it into the flowerbeds. 

Davin has even spent several days with his Grandma cleaning up garbage in the ditches and grounds of the Thornton Tim Hortons parking lot. There was so much garbage and empty coffee cups that they had to go twice for a total of about 8 hours! The staff at Tim Hortons was so grateful and thanked them for volunteering and making Thornton look beautiful again. This also helped prepare for the Thornton Farmer's Market once they reopened.

Davin has gone above and beyond with all of the volunteering he has done in his home community of Thornton during this pandemic making sure that gardens in public places are updated and that litter is picked up and as such he is more than deserving of some recognition and praise.”

We would like to thank William and Davin for their incredible effort in helping others during this time.