Clash of Colours and Unity

Clash of Colours and Unity
Posted on 11/04/2019
pulling a school busWritten by Alyssa Duarte, Student Journalist

The term “Clash of Colours" is something the students and staff members at St. Peter’s Secondary School in Barrie know all too well. Marking its sixteenth year in the making, it is now more than just a day of fun; it is a day that creates school unity through games and friendly competition. Separated into crazy colours, students band together to create posters, and compete in a series of ‘camp-like’ activities in order to win spirit points, and eventually become the Clash Champion.

Known as the most anticipated event of the year, on October 23rd, 2019, St. Peter’s was filled with students of all grades, screaming and chanting in hopes of becoming the lucky winner!

Through the ‘pick-a-buddy’ system, students chose a close friend to be paired with, and then each pair was randomly placed into groups with others in their grade, and directed by a leader the rest of the day. By doing this, students had an opportunity to not only express themselves individually, but to work and interact with others in order to win the ‘Spirit Cup’, - an award given at the end of the school year to the grade with the highest spirit points.

clash of colours In the days leading up to Clash, students created posters in order promote their grade, as well as decorate their lockers and section of the gym with their assigned colour.

Each grade dresses in their colour from head to toe on the day of the Clash. This year Grade 9’s are purple, Grade 10’s are orange, Grade 11’s are green and Grade 12’s are yellow. Students were surprised by the new and improved blue team - made up of St. Pete’s teachers!

The day began with an opening ceremony at which each grade was introduced and welcomed into the gym, showing off their own cheer or team dance. Following this, students split into their teams and participated in a variety of events and activities throughout the day. At the annual Clash of Talents, students enjoyed live entertainment and purchased a Beavertail from the visiting food truck parked outside.

clash of colours activity School unity was never stronger, as kindness and good sportsmanship was evident in the actions of every student throughout the day. Positive energy was high and students embraced this amazing school tradition.

Even though there is only one winner (congratulations to the “Twisted Twelves”!) everybody had fun, and students are already looking forward to next year’s Clash of Colours!

Thanks to Mrs. Wolfe for the terrific photos!