Sharing Faith Through Creativity

A Visual Exploration of the Stations of the Cross
Posted on 03/26/2024

As we enter into Holy Week, we invite you to reflect on a special project that brought students from Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School and St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School together.

Last year, these students embarked on a journey of faith and creativity, creating a video representation of the Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross are an important part of our faith story. They help us remember Jesus' journey to the cross. Our students creatively shared this story, with art and technology. 

Using various materials, students made symbols for each station and incorporated personal reflections and interpretations of faith. The resulting video serves as a reminder of the sacrifice and love exemplified in the Stations of the Cross.  

This project was more than just making a video. It helped students understand the story of Easter in a new way. Working together, students showcased their talents, but also learned more about their faith, resulting in something special that we can all learn from.

As we watch this video again, let's remember the message of Easter: hope, love, and new beginnings. May this project inspire us all as we celebrate Holy Week together.