Winter Music Fest at St. Cecilia

Staff & students strike a chord with creativity
Posted on 03/11/2024
SCE student on stage during Winter Music Fest

On March 1st, St. Cecilia Catholic School in Alliston hosted their 2nd annual Winter Music Fest. It was a showcase of talent and vibrant school spirit. As the event unfolded, it also became a testament to the school's artistic culture.

The Beginner Band, comprised of novice musicians, provided a glimpse into their bright, and creative future. The students were naturals on stage! They left the audience in awe with their remarkable progress.

Adding a vibrant flair to the festivities, the St. Cecilia Dance Team performed an impressive set. The choreography and energy made the passion and dedication to their art obvious. 

The entertainment continued with presentations by Ms. Kalfus and Ms. McClevarty’s classes. Their performances entertained everyone in attendance with their creativity and enthusiasm.

The St. Cecilia Music Society took the stage next. They filled the gym with music. Their soulful melodies and harmonious arrangements captivated the audience.

Paper Jam, the highly-anticipated headliner composed of St. Cecilia's own educators, lit up the stage with their infectious energy & obvious camaraderie. Their performance delighted the audience.

The highlight of the show was the Stomp-inspired, bucket drumming by Ms. Reame’s Grade 4 students. Combining rhythm and innovation, the students transformed ordinary objects into instruments. 

Through music and dance, the Winter Music Fest showcased the creativity of St. Cecilia's staff and students. From start to finish, the concert was a testament to the school's dedication to fostering creativity among both students and staff. It was a celebration of teamwork, talent, and the enduring spirit of St. Cecilia's vibrant artistic community.

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