Transition Support Resources

We know that all changes and transitions come with a wide range of thoughts and feelings for families and students. While many will be excited, some may be nervous, worried, or angry (or all of the above)! All of these feelings are normal and it is important to acknowledge the big feelings that come with this transition. Importantly, the best way to help children maintain a positive attitude toward their new school is to show them optimism and a positive attitude at home. It can also be helpful to let your child know that many other children are going through the same thing that they are; they are not alone! It is important to start the conversation early about this transition with your child; stay optimistic, give your child control when possible, check out the new school, maintain a routine and healthy lifestyle, and reach out to the school staff as needed for support with the transition. 

Below we have linked a few resources that will help you support your child and respond to their feelings about this change.