Bedazzled Dance Champions

Bedazzled Dance Champions
Posted on 06/04/2017
The dance groupBy Mykenzie Barrera, Student Journalist

On Thursday, May 18th, St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in Barrie sent their dance class to the River Run Centre in Guelph for the Bedazzled Champions Competition. The dancers were packed and ready to have a big and fun day.

The St. Peter’s dancers performed two group numbers, and some dancers had put in separate dances to compete. The dancers competed in the high school division of the competition.

All the dancers were really supportive of one another and cheered loudly for their classmates when they walked on stage before each performance. “It was such a nice feeling, being on stage, knowing your friends were watching you, and were on your side,” said Grace, one of the dancers who performed her first self choreographed solo dance at the competition.

The dancers came home with many awards, including a few trophies and medals, also winning the overall commitment award!

Some of the St. Peter’s students will continue to practice dance and may represent their school again. The teachers and staff at St. Peter’s are very proud of all the dancers and their hard work.