Sixth Annual Newcomer Awards Open for Nominations

Sixth Annual Newcomer Recognition Awards Open for Nominations
Posted on 06/21/2018

The County of Simcoe is now seeking nominations for the sixth annual Newcomer Recognition Awards.  These awards are open to new Canadians (anyone who wasn’t born in Canada) and long-term residents and organizations that strive to welcome and connect with immigrants in Simcoe County.  

Categories of awards are: Immigrant Youth (25 years of age and younger), Educator, School, Community Champion, and new this year, Community Champion for Youth. The criteria for each is quite open and may include initiatives such as: multicultural events or celebrations, showcases of diversity, projects on different cultures, welcoming programs for new immigrant students, policies and procedures that address inclusion, acceptance, or multiculturalism. See the award criteria for each category and the rules and regulations for more information.  

If you know an individual or school that has shown outstanding contributions and support to new immigrants, please submit your application by September 21, 2018.