Lindsay Hill and Amanda Tittoto

Lindsay Hill and Amanda Tittoto
Posted on 10/14/2022
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Lindsay Hill, an Lindsay Hill educational assistant at St. Theresa Catholic High School. Lindsay was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Lindsay always has a calm demeanor and sense of humor that keeps everyone laughing when things get stressful. She is always there for her coworkers and treats everyone with respect. She does so with a quiet presence, she never expects to be acknowledged and never knows how much of an impact she has on those around her. She is appreciated.”

This week we are also celebrating Amanda Tittoto, a teacher at St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School. Amanda was nominated by a parent, who said:

Amanda Tittoto“Ms. Tittoto has been such a wonderful role model for my daughter. My daughter has built so much confidence being in her class. Ms. Tittoto is such a positive and encouraging teacher. Not only does my daughter feel confident in moving on to Grade 8, she feels that what she was taught this year has prepared her for high school and as a parent I can see this in how my daughter’s grammar has improved.”

We would like to thank Lindsay and Amanda for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.