Sonia Ciranni and the EA team at Saint Mary

Sonia Ciranni and the EA team at Saint Mary
Posted on 02/23/2024
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Sonia Ciranni, a teacher at Sonia Ciranni St. Marie of the Incarnation Catholic School. Sonia was nominated by a colleague who said:

“I believe that Ms. Ciranni should be recognized because she is one of the best elementary school teachers. She loves her students and goes above and beyond for them to make sure that learning is fun. She is very outgoing and believes that all children are equal. Ms. Ciranni likes to think outside the box and has amazing references from anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her or meeting her.”

EA team at SMHThis week we are also celebrating Lori Nicholson, Patty Payne, Jennifer Waterhouse, and Eileen White, educational assistants at Saint Mary Catholic School in Huntsville. Lori, Patty, Jennifer, and Eileen were nominated by a colleague who said:

“Our school is blessed to have an incredible educational assistant team. Lori, Patty, Jennifer, and Eileen are compassionate, energetic, creative, and completely dedicated to the students in their care. Their job is very difficult, but they approach each day with endless patience.

Being an effective EA takes teamwork and communication, as well as listening and connecting to their students. The Saint Mary's EA team is absolutely crucial to our students' success. Their dedication knows no bounds--they are always on the hunt for ideas, bargains, and tools that help to make the resource room more accessible and welcoming, to make the sensory room more inviting, and to help their students grow and achieve. Their willingness to share ideas and concerns, to learn new strategies, and to work as part of the larger school team is invaluable.

On behalf of the Saint Mary's School community, we want to thank Lori, Patty, Jennifer, and Eileen for sharing their gifts and wisdom with our staff and students. We are so very fortunate to work alongside you.”

We would like to thank Sonia, Lori, Patty, Jennifer, and Eileen for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.