Stephanie Albanese and David Ethnasios

Stephanie Albanese and David Ethnasios
Posted on 02/03/2023
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Stephanie Albanese, a Stephanie teacher at St. Nicholas Catholic School. Stephanie was nominated by a parent, who said:

“She's an outstanding teacher. She loves her job and it shows in our children. When your children love to go to school it's because of their teachers.”

DavidThis week we are also celebrating David Ethnasios, a teacher at Holy Cross Catholic School. David was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“David joined our staff last year and has been such a BLESSING. I have never worked with a kinder, more compassionate staff member. He walks through the halls with a big smile and each morning greets each staff member with a "God Bless You". Just after a short conversation with David you feel renewed. He always has a smile and is loved by all his students! David approaches his job with a sense of vocation. He is so in tune with his Catholic faith and shares it with staff and students alike. David always demonstrates patience when working with his students. I would feel blessed to have my child be in his class and have a strong Catholic education. Thank-you David for being a part of our staff. We are honored to have you.”

We would like to thank Stephanie and David for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.